FOCUS-Hands Helping Children

2018 Newsletter

September 2018

Dear FOCUS Friends,

FOCUS is starting off a brand new year and we are so excited that you are going to be part of it. Focus is continuing to maintain its primary mission to enrich the lives of our local children right here in Live Oak, Gridley, Biggs, Richvale and Manzanita. This year as always our children are in need of service organizations to help them meet the goals they have set for themselves whether it be in math, science, sports, literacy, or health. Whatever our local children need FOCUS will be there to help them financially giving them the tools they need to enrich their lives. You are an important part of that and we thank you for your generosity past and present.

Your 2017 tax deductible donations to FOCUS are what have made the following list of donations to local children possible.

  • Literacy program. Thousands of dollars of books were given away to children through our literacy program. Children were given their very own free book to take home and read. They were able to select their own titles from award winning stories. There were smiles on every face. This year we have increased our budget for book selection so we can have even better choices for our children.
  • Tech Trek. Two full scholarships were given for Tech Trek Science and Math Camp in Davis which is open by application to seventh grade girls who excel in these STEM subjects from Gridley, Live Oak, Biggs and Manzanita. We have done this in conjunction with the American Association of University Women who also send two girls.
  • Live Oak and Gridley Parks and Recreation for swim lessons for children.
  • Mi Casa in Gridley for school supplies and educational activities.
  • Biggs Elementary Chess Team.
  • Biggs Hometown Celebration and Fireworks.
  • Gridley Chamber of Commerce for Red Suspenders Day Parade.
  • Little Hats and Big Hearts making hats for premature babies.
  • Gridley and Biggs High School Sober Grad Night Gridley Friends of the Library to provide children’s book especially in Spanish.
  • Live Oak High School Booster Club.
  • The Big Harvest the Butte County Fair Association.
  • Gridley Barbarian Rugby Team.
  • Three Area Food Closets: the Grace Lutheran Food Closet, the Sacred Heart Food Closet, and the First Presbyterian Food Closet.
  • St. Vincent DePaul for toys for Christmas for children.
  • Gridley Moose Lodge to provide free Thanksgiving dinners to local families.
  • Gridley High School Soccer Team.
  • House Fire Victims.
  • And with your help there will be many more to come this year.

Sip and Paint               

 The 2017 Sip and Paint was quite a success. We gathered at the Masonic Hall and painted a Tuscan Scene and then a winter scene. It was a very fun event with lots of talented people who enjoyed the teaching style of Christine Mac Shane. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer another session this year due to the health of some of our active members and the amount of work it entails.

2019 Spring Tea

We are still planning on having the Spring Tea which will hopefully be the second Saturday of March. There will be much more news to come in the future about the tea as we prepare for it. As always it promises to be a beautiful event. The 2018 Tea sold out in just one day! Even still we had a reserve list and were able to get almost everyone seated who wanted to come. We are so glad everyone could make it.

Friends of FOCUS

Since we no longer have our beloved Gridley Herald to publish our Christmas greeting in, we have decided to list our current friends here. We hope we didn’t leave anyone’s name out because we value each and everyone of you.


Thank you to our FOCUS Sponsors for 2017 and 2018. We are so appreciative of the generous support of the follwing sponsors:

  • William H. Cilker Family Foundation
  • Continental Atheletic Supply
  • Hilberts INC.
  • Maxine Farrar
  • Margaret Hughes
  • Joan Mardesich
  • Jan and Walt Meyer
  • Patti Meyer
  • Martha and Brud Soares
  • Rabo Bank of Yuba City


Angel Members

Our Dear FOCUS Angels are the Following:

  • Myra Patane
  • Janet Smith
  • Nancy Bill
  • Kitte Gold
  • Diana Sherwood
  • Josh and Kathryn Sheppard
  • John and Chuddy Sheppard
  • Mary Ann Boeger
  • Laura Rudd Leigh
  • Ann Jones.
  • Marilyn Hill
  • Groverlee Dahl
  • Lynne Jackson
  • Doris Petterson
  • Nancy Sanford
  • Susan Schohr.
  • Sally Donati
  • Marilyn Winterstein
  • Melissa Larrabee
  • Cathie Slota
  • Cheryl Anderson
  • Elma Sheppard
  • Donna Bayles
  • La Troy Justeson
  • Karen Becker
  • Gail Moffitt
  • Jeanie Andes
  • Kathy Chambers
  • Raeanna Correa
  • Margaret Brown
  • Debbie Graves
  • Darlene Fredricks
  • Laurie Cassady
  • Leanne Carne
  • Jean Schohr

Supportive Members

Our lovely supportive members are the following:

  • Roselyn Rogers
  • Beverly Neiswanger
  • Leona Fisher
  • Sandra Waller
  • Joanie Edelen
  • Ellie Haynes
  • Jean Curcuru
  • Sheila Huffman
  • Susan Zito
  • Sue Padgett
  • Anne Onyette
  • Karen Sanford
  • Joann Hammon
  • Margit Sands
  • Donna Jones
  • Louanne Choate
  • Barbara Stohman
  • Lynne Erickson
  • Joan Casillas
  • Rhonda Williams
  • Donna Kilby
  • Pat Huber
  • Rhonda Choate
  • Linda Cordoso
  • Sue Bernard
  • Sandy Berry
  • Carolyn Nelson
  • Dianne Bequette
  • Lillian Hatamiya
  • Brenda Thomas
  • Kathy Potoski
  • and many more.


Active Members

They keep the business end of FOCUS running:

  • Nancy Bill - President
  • Ernestine Chambers - Vice President
  • Cathie Slota - Secretary
  • Linda Sormano - Treasurer
  • Pauline Abbott
  • Jan Lechtaler
  • Joan Brock
  • Debbra Murphy
  • Gail Jenkins
  • Donna Long
  • Beverley Smith
  • Janet Smith
  • Kitte Gold
  • Groverlee Dahl
  • Virginia Faulk
  • Martha Soares
  • Nancy Schouten
  • Jean Rudd
  • Myra Patane
  • Susan Zito
  • Shiela Huffman
  • Kathie McKenzie



Our active members of FOCUS wish to thank you all who donated to us and who supported us in various ways this past year. We can’t do it alone and we can’t do it without you.


A very special thank you to the Gridley Herald who originally publish the photo below and especially to Lisa Van De Hey who was always one of our biggest supporters. We will forever miss you and your dedication to our community.


Requesting a Donation from FOCUS for the Benefit of Children

To request a donation for your cause from FOCUS please mail us a letter to our post office address, Please detail what it is you are seeking our support for, whom the donation will be used for, and an amount that you are seeking. Please include your address and telephone number. 


Our Web site

To learn more about FOCUS and our events, mission, memberships and sponsor lists, please go to our newly revised web site at:

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Focus meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 9:30 AM. from September through June. Call our phone number for meeting places and come and visit us! We would love to have you be our guest.